Women of Times 至尊红颜

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Jin Le Group was set up by Jia Yi and his wife, She Huijun. Jiayi was an outstanding chef whose speciality was abalone. When a severe illness rendered him an invalid, Huijun took over the running of the business. Three of the Jias' sons are deceased. Their remaining children - second son, Zengmu; youngest son, Zengtu; and daughter, Zengyue work for the company. Zengmu has a son, Ruoqi, who is a police officer. Though Zengmu and Zengtu are incapable, their wives, Guiying and Xiyi, are Huijun's able assistants. Zengyue is envious of Xiyi. Zengyue is married to Qicai, the executive chef. They have a son, Yuqi, who is studying in the States. Though Xiyi is not a graduate, she has a shrewd business mind. Under her managment, Jin Le has open several branches. Zengtu is disappointed when Xiyi insists on returning home right after a business trip to Sydney, to help her niece, Wanqi, with the preparations for the wedding. Xiyi has hired a wedding planner for Wanqi. Zengyue is unhappy. Huijun, however, is supportive and has offered to pay any extra costs incurred. Wanqi will be marrying Du Zhongxian, the son of one of the wealthiest men in Taiwan. While Xiyi is busy settling the debts chocked up by her sister, Fengyi, Zengtu has a tryst with Bao'er, an actress.

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