You Are The One 二分之一缘分

Modern women with new-age beliefs. Is marriage really hell or bliss ? Papa Hao is a widowed restaurant chef who single-handedly raised three daughters. Eldest daughter Meiman is a successful advertising agent who believes that women should always place career before marriage. Ironic to her extravagant lifestyle, Meiman ends up with her miserly colleague whom she bickers with incessantly from workplace to home.. Second daughter Meili is a TV producer who yearns to start a family but is always rejected by her matchmaking prospects because of her ordinary looks. When she finally chances upon her Korean Prince Charming, she finds that her younger sister too has fallen for the same guy...Youngest daughter Meide is an independent and open-minded graduate who has been spoilt by her father and sisters. While she enjoys the pursuit by her suitors, she does not equate love to marriage. Not until she meets her traditional mother-in-law-to-be and sparks start flying... Like all romantic fairy tales, will the three sisters get married and live happily ever after ?

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