Benjamin Kheng enjoys “unlimited power” with new “marriage”

The singer-actor thinks he “could have done a lot of things better” with his role in ‘Wonder Boy’


For the first time in his showbiz career, former (for now) Sam Willows member Benjamin Kheng says he is enjoying “unlimited power” - and it’s not because of any gem-studded gauntlets or spiky metal thrones (please excuse the pop culture references).

Instead, it’s thanks to The BenZi Project, an online sketch series he launched with seasoned YouTuber Hirzi Zulkiflie in November last year. The duo handles everything from writing to directing to editing to scoring - in other words, they are their own bosses, and they get to do whatever they want, even if it’s just “letting the camera roll and doing stupid s***”.

“We basically have full autonomy and control, which I can’t say I’ve ever had with any other project outside,” Benjamin told us during our chat last Friday (Jun 7). The 28-year-old added that he’s “always wanted to do sketch comedy”, but with a strong message behind said “stupid s***”.

As Benjamin elaborated, “Humour is a great way to mask everything - first you go, hey, this is funny, but then you realise that it’s also real life and it’s happening to you. It’s also a great way to approach sensitive topics without inflaming certain internet online sections. (Laughs)”

Benjamin Kheng and Hirzi Zulkiflie started their own comedy channel 'The BenZi Project' last year. (Photos: Instagram/The BenZi Project)

But there was one small issue: Benjamin had never done comedy before, only “emotional, serious stuff”, so it was important for him to get an “expert” in that area.

“I consulted a few people, but decided that Hirzi and I have a lot of the right differences and similarities: we’re different in the way we write and think, but similar in terms of our goals, so it’s a very nice ‘marriage’,” he said.

And if anyone’s wondering if the pair has run into any “creative differences” (that was our nice way of saying “work arguments”, to be honest) so far, Benjamin laughed and declared, “No, I’m very easy to work with! Seriously! I believe in the power of collaboration and even if there’s tension, it’s good tension.”

That said, he quickly acknowledged that “there have been differences”, but nothing too devastating à la the Jonas Brothers. “There’s nothing that seven years of Sam Willows ‘training’ hasn’t prepared me for,” he chuckled. Where is that shifty eyes emoji when we need it?

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