I still don’t know how much I’m making, says Eleanor Lee

Quan Yi Fong’s daughter alludes it to being “bad at maths”

Quan Yi Fong's daughter Eleanor Lee

Photos: Elis Ching, Lee Lay Na
Video: Foong Mien Shi

Eleanor Lee is one of the hottest rising stars in China. She made a splash in China as the ‘Apple Girl’ in a 90-second commercial for the tech giant in 2015 and earned herself a six-figure paycheck for it.

Two years on, the 17 going on 18-year-old (her birthday falls in October) is still making waves and her acting resume grows longer every year. In 2015, she acted in a period fantasy drama series, Tribes and Empire and starred in a commercial opposite EXO’s Lay, then in 2016 she bagged her first lead role in A Restaurant With Many Problems (a Chinese remake of a Japanese series) and now she is currently busy playing a high school student—in yet another lead role—for a web series tentatively called Fantastic Baby.

With projects rolling in for this doe-eyed beauty, it’s safe to say that Eleanor is making bank.

But at a recent catch-up interview with Toggle at the Star Awards 2017 Awards Ceremony, where she made a special appearance for her mum’s “graduation” to All-Time Favourite Artistes ranks, Eleanor politely deflected questions about her earnings, attributing her lack of knowledge to her being “bad at maths” in general.

“My mum and godfather (Addy Lee) are the ones who are in talks with my agency, I really don’t know how much I’m earning,” she let on with a chuckle.

Eleanor Lee's acting projects
Eleanor's acting projects: Tribes and Empires, No Problem Restaurant, Fantastic Baby. (Photos: Summer Star/Weibo)

Despite cashing in five-figure worth paychecks for her acting and commercial projects in China, Eleanor tells us that she is still taking an “allowance” like most teenagers. The only difference, we learned, is this: “Previously, my allowance would come from my mum’s earnings, but now it comes from my earnings. Since I’m earning some income, I think I should be financially independent.

“I mostly spend on living expenses like food and transportation fees,” she added.

Eleanor is as emotionally independent as she is wise, when it comes to finances. She abides by a strict routine that begins at 4 in the morning every day and has zero complaints. “Now that I’m filming, I wake up at 4, do my makeup at 5 and film till 12 to 1am in the night. If filming doesn’t overrun on set, I may end by 8 or 9 at night, but I still have to study when I get home so it still feels like I’m working (chuckles).”

“In the beginning it was really, really tiring and tough. But I’ve learned to adapt to it after some time and now it feels like a routine,” the aspiring actress quipped.

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