Babies on Board 新生
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声道: Chinese
类型: Drama

Pang Shi Yun (Jesseca Liu) is a famous gynaecologist who owns a successful practice. Suffering from a condition called Adenomyosis, she is unable to conceive and seeks to rent the womb of Li Xin Yue (Ya Hui), who is in need of money. Shi Yun’s husband Sun Zhi Hui (Tay Ping Hui), was a successful surgeon, until his failed surgery on his best friend’s mother. Unable to take the setback, he gave up his profession to become a chef. Xin Yue is successfully impregnated and by a stroke of luck, moved in with Shi Yun and Zhi Hui. But Shi Yun soon found out that Xin Yue and Zhi Hui actually knew each other. Not only do they share a secret, but also a very queer and mysterious connection. Xin Yue gradually falls for Zhi Hui, and the three of them soon develop an unusual relationship. Xin Yue suffers complication during childbirth, will Shi Yun save her ? What will be their choices ? 妇产科医生彭诗韵(刘子绚)是一位著名的女妇产科医生,有自己的诊所。然而,诗韵39岁时,她发现自己得了“子宫内膜移位”(Adenomyosie)。这种病情导致诗韵怀上孩子的机率降到几乎零。她突然很渴望有自己的孩子。既然自己不能怀孕,那就借别人的子宫吧。诗韵透过关系,联系上年轻女子李心悦(雅慧)。心悦需要一笔钱治疗亲人的病,愿意把子宫租给诗韵。孙智辉(郑斌辉)原本是外科医生,6年前因为一次医疗事故,导致病人在手术过后死亡。病人是智辉好友的母亲,她的过世让他受到打击。智辉却选择不要当医生,对烹饪有兴趣,当起私人厨师。 有一天,大腹便便的心悦竟然出现在诗韵家门口,夫妻俩让心悦住下来。诗韵意外发现,原来心悦和智辉之前就认识了,他们之间存在着什么关系?原本对诗韵心存感激,而“出租子宫”筹钱为亲人治病的心悦,竟然对智辉产生了微妙的感觉,她要怎么做才好?智辉面对怀着自己孩子的心悦也似乎动了感情,他会如何面对这个奇怪的三角习题?

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