Double Happiness S1 喜临门 1

声道: Chinese
类型: Drama

Double Happiness’ is MediaCorp’s blockbuster offering for 2004. The drama tells the heartwarming story of a big family with its fair share of ups and downs, as the family members grapple with everyday issues of life, love and relationships. Ya Xi has never stepped into a kitchen in her life, and yet was entrusted with the care of the family fish and ships stall by her dying mother-in-law. she not only has to contend with the intricacies of running the family business but also to maintain peace among the members of the family, including strong-willed sister-in-law, a lazy good-for-nothing elder brother, a money-minded sister and her husband, a spaced-out younger sister and an aunt who’s the neighborhood gossip queen. Find out how Ya Xi attempts to sustain the business and unite the family. Will she win them over with her sincerity and effort ? Stay tuned to find out !

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