Kinship S2 手足 2

Second season of "Kinship 手足" Brothers, Chen Anping (Yao Wenlong) and Anxin (Chen Tianwen) run ‘Da Ying Jia’. Together, they expanded their foot reflexology centre from its humble beginnings to a successful chain-store. But beneath the calm surface of the 25 years family business lie secrets and struggles. Founder Anping continues working as a masseur and leaves business operations to Anxin; much to the chagrin of his wife, Meiqi (Xiang Yun), and adopted daughters, Jinsha (Cynthia Koh), Yinsha (Ann Kok) and Yusheng (Jessica Liu). Anxin’s wife, Meixue (Lin Meijiao), hides a dark secret, thus she endures Anxin’s philandering ways. But when Anxin and son, Yingjun (Elvin Ng), fall for the same woman, the family begins to crumble. Yusheng also has an ugly past not known to her and her parents worry that her job as a prison warden may unveil the truth one day. With secrets and turmoil surrounding them, how will the brothers hold Da Ying Jia and their own families together ?

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