Mind Matters 心。情

Looking back at five years ago, with his best-selling books, fully-booked schedule for talks and media interviews, Zhou JinShu was a rising celebrity psychiatrist and one of the sought-after psychiatrists in the social elites circle. While he was immersing himself in the sweet smell of success, he was ironically unaware that his girlfriend - JieFang had been suffering from a mental illness - “Delusion of Jealousy.” Feeling neglected and insecure, JieFang had been haunted by her uncontrollable suspicion about JinShu cheating on her. This excessive delusion of jealousy eventually pushed her to the verge of insanity and made her attempt to end her life together with JinShu. In the midst of chaotic pushing and pulling, both of them accidentally fell from the high floor. This fatal incident took JieFang’s life and caused JinShu to be in a critical condition. Despite the physical recovery later on, JinShu has suffered from “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD.” JinShu was deeply traumatized by witnessing his own girlfriend’s death. The deep feeling of guilt and remorse made him withdraw into himself completely; he shunned himself from the outside world, and no one had ever heard from him since then. 五年前,卓瑾澍是心理医学界的后起之秀,是一颗闪耀的新星,不但出书被邀请到处演讲,还是各大媒体的心理咨询顾问,许多社会名流也因此找上他当心理治疗师,一时风光无两。然而,忙于工作,享受在聚光灯下的瑾澍,却忽略了在灯光外的女友宋洁芳,完全没有意识到洁芳的吃醋,原来是“妒忌妄想”的症状。一次的病发,让洁芳失去了理智,拉着瑾澍一起跳楼,导致她意外身亡,自己则受了重伤。目睹了至爱在自己眼前死去,瑾澍心理受到了空前的震撼,因而患上了“创伤后症候群”。备受良心谴责,内疚不已的瑾澍,出院之后就失踪了,从此在医学界销声匿迹。

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