The Journey: Tumultuous Times 信约: 动荡的年代

‘Tumultous Times’, a 30-episode drama, is Part 2 of the trilogy ‘The Journey: Tumultuous Times’, and the sequel to ‘The Journey: A Voyage’. The story begins from end 1941 right up to 1965 when Singapore gains its independence. The soul-stirring 20 years of Singapore’s nation building is played out by five young protagonists. In the wee hours of 8 December 1941, the surprise aerial bombing of Singapore by Japanese aircraft opened up the page of chaotic times in the Lion City. For funding anti-Japanese activities, Tianpeng and Tianying incur the wrath of the Japanese army. One the eve of the fall of Singapore, Tianpeng and Mingzhu escape to Indonesia and live under assumed names. Trapped in occupied country, Tianying is not so lucky. During the Sook Ching exercise, he is identified by the thug, Lai Huwei, and brutally slaughtered by Japanese soldiers. Huiniang’s desperate attempt to search for her husband takes a toll on her health and she becomes bedridden after falling ill. Zhang Min, their adopted daughter, takes up the responsibility of looking after her mother and younger brother, Zhang Jia. Huiniang finally dies. At her deathbed, she instructs Zhang Min to take her brother to Ipoh to seek refuge with the husband and wife of Hong Shi and Yazi. Along the way, Zhang Min is almost captured by Hu Weiren. In the struggle to free his sister from danger, Zhang Jia falls into the river. After searching fruitlessly for him, Zhang Min thinks that her brother has drowned. She is too grieved to eat. Despite Shitou and Yazi’s pleas, Zhang Min becomes weaker by the day. The resourceful Hong Dangyong, son of Shitou and Yazi, comes up with ideas to motivate Zhang Min to start her life anew. His sister, Minghui, is constantly by her side for morale support. The two of them become the best of friends.It is a different world after the war as the tide of anti-colonialism surges. Zhang Yan, son of Tianpeng and Mingzhu, returns from his studies in England. Smug and idealistic, he sets out to transform the Lion City. 《动荡的年代》为《信约》三部曲的第二部,《唐山到南洋》的续篇,长30集。故事从1941年末开始,直到65年新加坡独立。以5个年轻人为骨干,带出新加坡建国历程中最荡气回肠的20年岁月。1941年12月8日凌晨,日军飞机出乎意料地空袭新加坡,掀开狮城动乱不安的一页。天鹏和天鹰兄弟因资助抗日活动,成为日军的眼中钉。天鹏和明珠在沦陷前夕,全家逃往印尼,隐姓埋名。身处沦陷区的天鹰却没那么幸运,他在大检证中被无赖胡为人指认,惨遭日军屠杀。蕙娘为救亲夫,四处奔波,身心惧疲,一病不起。二人所收养的女儿张敏负起照顾母亲和弟弟张佳的责任。蕙娘病故,临终嘱张敏带弟往怡保投奔洪石、鸭子夫妇。张敏在途中险被胡为人所掳,张佳力抗,救姐脱险,但自己却不慎落河,张敏遍寻不获,以为弟弟丧命,痛不欲生,食不下咽,石头和鸭子苦劝,张敏却日渐虚弱。石头和鸭子的长子洪当勇有智有谋,施计让张敏重新振作;妹妹明慧更是日夜陪伴,两人成了莫逆之交。战后,世界局势改观,反殖运动风起云涌。天鹏和明珠的儿子张晏自英学成归国,踌躇满志,满怀理想,欲让狮城改天换地。

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