Hello from the other side - It's Time 阴错阳差 - 时辰到 (TIF)
Supernatural Content 灵异题材

声道: Chinese
类型: Drama

An 8-episode spin-off from Channel 8's Hello from the Other Side, anchored by the experiences of Granny Meng’s protégé, Meng Ru… As a private-hire car driver, Meng Ru meets Meng Po (Granny Meng). It would have been business as usual if not for that fact that Meng Po paid Meng Ru in hell notes. In her frazzled and distracted state, Meng Ru fails to notice that a female ghost has suddenly appeared in front of her oncoming car until it’s too late. To avoid knocking her down, Meng Ru swerves and crashes her vehicle, causing her to die from the accident. Meng Ru wakes up to find herself in The Other Side where Meng Po explains that Meng Ru has been chosen to succeed her as the next Granny Meng. Throughout this series, we follow Meng Ru as she encounters spirits from all walks of life in stories of regret, repentance, forgiveness, hope and love. 孟婆被送去上进修课程。她害怕自己的地位会被取代所以决定暗地里去找个继承人,唯有马判官知道她的秘密。 孟如是一名私家车司机。在那宿命的一晚,孟如从荒郊野外接载了一位神秘乘客。神秘乘客在不知名的坟场下车后, 孟如发现收到的却是冥纸,吓得慌不择路。结果为了闪避马路中央突然现身的女鬼,发生意外身亡。 醒来后,孟如发现自己到了地府。她对自己生前毫无记忆,唯一只记得自己叫孟如。孟婆告诉孟如她被“孟婆汤秘方”选中,成为下一任的孟婆继承人,而且必须在头七之前完成实习,走马上任。在这过程当中,她会遇到各界的鬼魂。

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